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In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

My dear students, parents, and staff members
As-Salamu Alikum Warahmatullahee Wabarakatuh

Indeed, working in education is one of the most honorable professions known to humanity, due to its objective uniqueness, inspiring methods, and upright purpose.

We, in Al-Iqbal International School, invest in our students' intellects to build outstanding minds that develop resilience to future challenges.

My dear students:

Think of the school as your second home, take your teachers as parents, your friends as brothers, and plan from what you learn a course of behavior. What you implant in your minds today will be harvested tomorrow as ideas and perspectives that, in turn, would elevate you to the highest of levels. In your school, we do not lecture you to memorize, but we try our best to teach you to critically think. We will spare no pains in searching for the best approach to provide you with a dosage of distinction, perfection, optimism, positive thinking, and acquaintance to high moral standards.

My dear parents:

Certainly, the growth of our students and preparing them to build themselves begins at home.  The school in turn encourages and helps to foster that growth. Considering the size of responsibility lying on our shoulders as an educational institution, and due to giving us the mission of educationally preparing your children based on moderate foundations and principles, evolving from the trust you have in Al-Iqbal International Schools, we are certain that your part is as important as ours.

The care you do to guide them to strengthen their relationship with Allah the Almighty are the most motivating, powerful and energy given aspects a child could have. With it, deficiency is overcome. Good family follow-up of the behavior of their children inside the house and outside the boundaries of the school is a real guarantee to determine and watch an unacceptable conduct, so we, as partners in building those children, can interfere and correct the path through our socially and psychologically qualified staff.

Dear staff members:

Teaching is the greatest and most important human profession that surpasses in its significance all the other social careers. This is due to its main purpose being centered on building a human being so they may become an active and model citizen. The nature of this profession, lay on your shoulders as a trust that you must truthfully and humbly execute. Hence, all of you must abide by the educational fundamentals and the proposed methodology to ensure a smooth educational operation inside the school, with a prerequisite of avoiding traditional routine.

It's mandatory for teachers to show their distinctive and innovative abilities in thinking, language, and expressions. Teaching is a reflection of teachers, and a direct product of their character, abilities, and different backgrounds. The higher those personal traits are, the higher the level of teaching inside the school is. Let our message in Al-Iqbal International School always be:

(Thinking is a never fading away capital; Al-Iqbal School teaches you how to think)


We ask Allah guidance and righteousness
Dr. Mansour Bin Salih Alkhnaizan
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Chairman of Aliqbal International Schools

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