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Student Guidelines

Student's Code of Conduct

An important goal of IIS is to develop responsible and ethical citizens. The classroom teacher, supported by the principal, establishes an atmosphere of respect for classmates, adults and self, to engender an atmosphere conducive to learning. Self-discipline underlies the whole educational structure. It develops self control, character, orderliness and efficiency; it is the key to good conduct and consideration of others. IIS students are required to adhere to a strict code of conduct that does not allow for disrespect of others or disruptive behavior. Inappropriate conduct will be handled through disciplinary channels according to established guidelines. Please refer to  the student manual for more detailed information.Any behavior on the part of any student, staff member or patron of the school which diminishes the dignity or self worth of a student, staff member or patron will not be tolerated.
Students Guardianship School- Home Communication
Students enrolled at IIS must reside with their parents or appointed guardians. If parents are absent from home for even a short time, an adult guardian must take responsibility for the student's day-to-day welfare. Parents should submit written notice of such temporary guardianship to the appropriate school office
Report Cards & Progress notes
At the end of each quarter (approximately a seven-week period), progress reports are posted. In addition to the regularly scheduled reports, teachers may send a progress report to the parent if a student is experiencing difficulties in a specific area.
Our belief at IIS is that regular attendance and punctuality are essential to the academic success of our students. Students are expected to arrive on time and to attend classes regularly.
The school has established minimum attendance regulations for its program. These regulations are designed to emphasize to students the critical importance of good attendance and its relationship to academic success. Parents are required to communicate in writing with the school office regarding any absence of their child including late arrival and early departure. The parent and student must also coordinate with the school to collect the make-up missed work due to absences. Poor attendance by a student may result in student retention; however, this issue is reviewed on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the principal. Please refer to the students' manual for more detailed information.
Dress/Appearance Guidelines
Students should dress with modesty and decorum, in keeping with the traditions and customs of our host country. The school applied a rigid dress code( uniform)  the following are basic guidelines. The girls and boys are to wear the assigned uniform designed for each section or level. All clothing worn to school must be clean, well maintained and loose-fitting. All girls starting from grade 4 and up must wear their abayas in going in and out the school to follow the regulations of our host country. More detailed explanations of uniform can be found in the students'  Manual.
Homework & weekly plans
Homework is an important continuation of work that begins in the classroom and can help to fulfill the individual needs of each student. Parental encouragement and interest in student assignments produce a positive influence on student attitudes toward school and school work. So our school aware of the importance of easy follow up to our students' assignment launched a clear well designed weekly plan that your child is going to receive on Wednesday for the following week's outline course and the topics that will be covered.  You are also going to find it on line. Parents are encouraged to be aware of these guidelines and to closely monitor their child's homework assignments.