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Stratigic Plan

We believe...

    • The pursuit of excellence is worth the cost.
    • All people have worth.
    • Education is a shared responsibility of parents,students,school and community.
    • People learn in different ways at different rates.
    • Achievement builds self-esteem and promotes learning.
    • Accountability improves performance.
    • Ethics and values are essential in a principled community.


  • Each student will demonstrate an ability to think creatively, reason critically and communicate effectively by identifying and developing alternative solutions to real world problems.
  • Each student will meet or exceed clearly defined grade appropriate standards of knowledge and skills as measured by various indicators including annual standardized tests.
  • Each student will continuously choose to improve relationships with others, grow in character and act in an ethical manner.
  • Each student is offered a holistic program of education, with English as the language of instruction.
  • Each student has the opportunity to develop critical and analytical thinking skills through our designed curriculum .
  • Each student has the opportunity to be challenge academically and be able to developing his/her maximum potential.


Students who meet specified enrollment criteria will be accepted. Programs for students whose exceptional needs exceed the scope of our educational program cannot be offered. If, despite our best efforts, a student's needs cannot be met by our educational program, the student’s enrollment will be discontinued.
Educational programs will be initiated or retained when they:
    • Meet a clearly demonstrated mission-related need.
    • Address the impact on other programs/services.
    • Survive a cost-benefit analysis.
    • Can be adequately staffed.
    • Set in place an evaluation procedure.

  • We will develop at each grade level a written curriculum which is aligned with the strategic objectives and a means of assessing and monitoring both curriculum and alignment.
  • We will develop a variety of activities and experiences throughout the educational program to develop creative thinking, critical reasoning and effective communication.
  • We will integrate the use of technology throughout the educational program to assist all students in support of our strategic objectives.
  • We will systematically familiarize and involve staff, students and parents with the strategic plan and its implementation.
  • We will improve our facilities to ensure that they support and contribute to a high quality education.