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Since the school works in partnership with parents, communicating regularly to build mutual understanding, In order to achieve this goal, the school has specified several ways of communication

Parents meetings 
Believing in the importance of face to face interaction between parents and school we established four parents meetings, two per term where parents and teacher could meet to discuss all the educational and behavioral aspects for the students good. In each parent's meeting, the parent receives a verbal report about his/her child. The parent has the right to discuss any issue with the teacher, coordinator, academic manager, or the principal
Teacher-parents conference 
A teacher-parents conference is done if needed between the parent and any teacher. The teacher and parent meet  to discuss course outlines and acknowledge the standard expectations in each area for the student's benefit in case of having a certain issue in class or even at home. For personal meetings with the staff or administration contact the school through the phone numbers mentioned .
Teacher's office hours
The school welcomes parents contact with teachers to discuss course outlines and acknowledge the standard expectations in each area. The teacher may also consult any need of the student behavior or academic wise . This happens through assigned office hours for each teacher. These office hours are clearly mentioned at the beginning of the school year. Use the phone numbers and the extensions mentioned in the communication section.

Report cards
As the school is caring for keeping the parents always acknowledged about their kid's level of school achievement. We established four report cards per year, one after each quarter. The school report cards include a complete evaluation for the student in all subjects plus an evaluation for the student's behavior, and performance in school in general.

Assessment Request
In case the parents are not able to attend the parents meeting or the teacher- parent conference the parent could ask for an assessment request that evaluates the student at any time during the year.