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School Facilities

Since the environment in our school fosters the growth and development of our students working and playing together. And it also gives a great opportunity for each student to practice all the activities needed to flourish his knowledge, the school have the following facilities to help in such mission.


One of the most important facilities in our school is the library.

The school library has about 5000 book (which means 5 books for each student) serving all the educational fields, all levels , general knowledge and entertainment as well.

Our library provides a range of fiction and non-fiction resource loans to children across the age range and are currently developing a collection of artifacts. The aim is to develop pupils as enthusiastic and knowledgeable readers.

The library is a big area that could have 3o student , With suitable furniture for them. The shelves are suitable for the books. The library has a well structured system for using the library .

    Developing the children's reading skills means to find the right book for the right child at the right time ,our philosophy is to:

    * Engage the student with teachers and parents in enhancing his reading skills.
    * Exposing children to contemporary authors and illustrators.
    * Empowering children to consider their reading choices.

Our objectives of the school library are:

    * Facilitate continuing improvement and the raising of educational standards.
   * Encourage the development of information literacy to enable children to become effective independent learners.
    * Inspire and encourage young people to read for pleasure.
    * Creating a reading culture in schools
    * Self – evaluation and performance measurement
    * Targeting the reluctant reader
    * Book selection and promotion of the library within the school
    * Information skills and independent learning 

 Science labs

Teachers need high quality equipment and facilities to enable them to clarify Science. The out-dated laboratories still found in many schools prevent and damage the perception of science in the minds of young people. 

Our school provides two well prepared science labs one for each section (boys and girls), that the students visit frequently , more than once a month , for working independently and observing the science experiments that they learn in their curriculum – under the supervision of their science teachers. In the two science labs you will find the materials and the resources that the students may need in all  science branches (biology , chemistry , physics ), and all levels ( grades 1-9 ).

The science labs are big rooms , well furnished ,with certain places for each equipment, safe for the student to enter and work in.

The teacher who is in charge of using the science lab has clear instructions to assist the students and protect them as well.

Her/ His duty includes:

    * To get sure that all the equipments used by the students are Safe.
    * Making up solutions
    * science experiments and demonstrations
    * Inventory
    * Stock control
    * Budget
    * Repairing and constructing lab equipment

The real world is made up of science, and how we behave in and manage our environment—from natural resources to rainforests—is critical. So we’re trying to design labs that will invite all kids into science.

Computer Labs


In the global world, computer education has become very important. It is necessary that the students should be provided with computer education right from the schools. It is therefore necessary for every k - 12 school to have a school computer lab.

The school has two computer labs one for each section ( boys and girls ).

Our goal today is to enhance the knowledge and skills with computers which can both make life easier and open new doors of opportunity for students to save time and make the students more efficient.

Computer labs are available for teachers to use as a tool in all subjects. When not in use by classes, the computers are available for independent student use.

   All the computers in the labs have access to applications for word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, multi-media ,desktop publishing, programming, and many other specialized applications , as well as a variety of specialized educational programs. The computers are equipped with network access to allow students to explore the Internet.

   Students may work independently in the computer lab on school-related projects, or may obtain assistance from computer teachers in selecting appropriate software for a project, and learning how to use a piece of software or equipment. They may use the computers to access their e-mail accounts and explore the Internet.

The computer labs accommodations

First and foremost consideration : The computer lab rooms are big and well ventilated rooms . Students are going to spend a lot of time in the computer labs, so it becomes necessary that the room are big and airy. All the computer tables are placed in such a manner that the students can easily see the teacher if they want. The tables are not too low or too high.
Second : The rooms are air conditioned . Computer systems are sensitive equipment. They can be ruined if they are not kept in a clean environment. Air conditioning ensure that the temperature in the rooms is just fine and that no dust or dirt moves freely in the rooms.
Third : The computers have suitable RAMs, ( the more RAM in a computer, the longer its life becomes), a couple of speaker sets , and a school computer network is deployed.
Fourth : There are plenty of numbers of computers for all the students in a class. That all the students could apply what they learn.

Multi-Media Rooms

The school provides the technology of the smart board in the multimedia rooms both in the boys and girls sections . There are three smart boards in the school . Teachers use such technology for all subjects. There are prepared programs in each subject to help the teachers and to save time and effort. Also the teachers themselves prepare their own materials to be used on the smart board. Students enjoy those classes, in which they learn breaking the routine of the regular plus it is a great help for the teacher  to save time , they also enjoy working with such technology.

Multimedia provides a personal approach to learning. It offers a climate of empowerment, collaboration and mutual respect with a technical twist.

Students test their imagination to express their creativity. Along with a core-curriculum, students also explore the world of technology.

There is a need for better utilisation of computer technologies to assist in the educational process. Multimedia technologies can provide basis for increased curricular and cultural understanding.

Teachers help the Students to be able to select appropriate multimedia tools and apply them to the learning task within the learning environment in order for effective learning to take place.

The teachers are trained to be familiar with multimedia technologies in order to know how to use them within their curriculum areas.

Our objectives of using the multimedia technology for learning are:

 1.The way we learn

 The development of multimedia technologies offers access to knowledge far superior than that of most subject teachers.This result in teachers needing to develop new learning facilitation skills and reduce the emphasis on knowledge. The know-how is likely to become more valuable than the  know-what.

 Teachers primarily require access to learning resources, which can support concept development by learners in a variety of ways in order to meet individual learning needs.

2.Changing the Learning Paradigm

 The development of multimedia technologies for learning offers new ways in which learning can take place . Enabling teachers to have access to multimedia learning resources, which support constructive concept development, allow the teacher to focus more on being a facilitator of learning working with individual students.

3.Stimulate teacher-developed high quality multimedia    learning materials

The multimedia centre stimulates initiatives to enable the production and online publication of teacher-led high quality multimedia learning materials with the assistance of professional software developers. This has the potential to create not only a vast bank of learning materials, but also stimulate other teachers to utilize the resources for their own teaching purposes. Grass roots initiatives backed up with quality control systems could create the critical mass of multimedia learning resources required to enable large-scale usage


The purpose of the playground is to introduce children and school staff to the many choices of activities available on playgrounds and field areas.

The school provides two playgrounds ; one for the KG , and one for the grades (1-9).They are big enough to receive all the students in the PE classes or the clubs and extracurricular activities.

The one for the KG section is a closed area , with some safe equipments which are suitable for the KG children. 

Both of the playgrounds in the school meet playground equipment safety standards. The playground items are designed to resist vandalism, the sun, the weather, and the constant use of children ages 2-12.