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Vision and Purpose


          Welcome to Al-Iqbal International School. Before joining our school, it is very important to know the school mission statement. This mission statement is the overall umbrella that guides all the school system and school personnel. It is implemented in all the scools facilities such as classrooms, playground and even in the extra-curricular activities program. 

Mission Statement
"Building for the Future:  Educating for a Lifetime"

Al-Iqbal International School realizes that children require consistent, challenging programs that capture their interest and prepare them for a lifetime learning. They require knowledge and skills that will help them compete in a global community and allow them to lead lives of integrity and satisfaction, as citizens and as individuals. Our school offers students a safe and stimulating environment incorporating an American based curriculum in preparation for a higher education. The American curriculum is unique in being modern, up-to-date, practical, performance-oriented, technologically advanced, supporting cross-curricular or interdisciplinary studies, and promoting analytical and critical skills. We are a dynamic, respectful and responsive community actively encouraging students to maximize their potential abilities. The mandate of Al-Iqbal International School is to maintain, strengthen and promote academic excellence in all disciplines. We also encourage students to be invovled and to create a healthy balance of activities . Our aims at meeting the individual needs of all its students. The academic programs are based on knowledge, skills—the application of this information to situations, and values-the acceptance of the information and application as being worthwhile and meaningful. We believe this is the basis of sound learning.
The Core of our System Values
Academic Excellence-- emphasis on quality teaching and quality learning through clear, analytical and critical thinking. Individual Respect--acceptance of individuals as persons of worth, possessing special talents that are encouraged and nurtured. Involvement-- participation of all students in extra-curricular activities to promote leadership, school spirit, character development and mutual respect. Safety and Security-- provision of a safe and secure environment, in both the physical and social fabric of the school, in addition to enhanced learning and creating a feeling of well-being. Sense of Community- a caring, listening, mutually supportive community that promotes the values of truth and service.
Al-iqbal international School has set three priorities which dominate our agenda:
The first priority of Al-Iqbal International School is to provide a rich academic preparation and learning environment . Our aim is to prepare students for university. The second priority is giving due care to values, ethics and religion. We educate our students with the latest standards in education but we consider our Islamic and ethical values as well as the culture of the hosting country. The third priority is the extra curricular activities that provide a whole child development program. Such program cares about the artistic, physical, social and spiritual side of the student.